About Us

DubaiOMG – instituted on 1st January 2019, is an information-driven website that shares amazing and educative travel information about Dubai (primarily) and other emirates in the UAE with Tourists and Residents alike.

Since Dubai has become a business and travel hub, attracting an average of over 2 million tourists on a monthly basis, our mission is to:

1. Create a guide that helps tourists and residents to find/know the best places to visit, and have fun while in Dubai.

2. Create tantalizing, pre-visit experiences that will stimulate, motivate, and encourage tourists to visit these note-worthy places.

3. Most of all, we also want to share valid information about touring Dubai, and how to navigate the streets, bus stations, metro stations, shopping malls, souks & bazaars, and all other tourist attractions in Dubai.

As much as we don’t claim to give the best available information on these subjects, we still confidently guarantee an informative guide; mouth-watering pre-visit experiences that are just a few inches beyond satisfaction.

We are every tourist’s go-to guide to a wonderful and unforgettable Dubai Experience, and we are proud to serve in the best way we can.

We are DubaiOMG – we share, we educate, we traverse, we explore, we discover!